Cremation procedure

We are able to deal with all forms and certificates required for cremation with the exception of the green certificate you will receive from the Registrar at the time of registering the death.

Cremation certificates 4 and 5 are completed by the doctor attending the deceased or an independent doctor.

The cremation form 1 is a statutory document to be completed by an executor and the next of kin.

When the Coroner is involved he will issue a form 6 which will take the place of the cremation certificates 4 and 5 and the registrar’s green certificate.

A form is also required giving instructions for the disposal of the cremated remains.

We will arrange to deliver the completed forms to the crematorium on your behalf.

The cremation code of practice is strictly adhered to, particularly with the identification of the coffin which has to bear the deceased’s name. The cremation process is carefully monitored throughout. Only one coffin is cremated at a time and the ashes are carefully removed, labelled and stored before the next cremation can take place. The code also requires that nothing must be removed from the coffin once it has been received at the crematorium, and it must be placed in the cremator exactly as received.

The family must decide before the coffin leaves Doran Court whether items of jewellery are to be removed. These cannot be recovered once the coffin is delivered to the crematorium.

Cremated remains

These can be dealt with at the crematorium where there will be facilities for simply scattering at a variety of memorials.

There may be a family grave where the ashes can be interred. Many churches have facilities for receiving ashes.

It may be the wish of the family to hold a Committal Service where the ashes are placed in a grave or scattered in a churchyard.

If an immediate decision is not made, the crematorium will hold the ashes, normally making a small charge after a month.

Advice can then be sought from us or the crematorium concerning the final resting place for the ashes.

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