What to do when a death occurs

As soon as possible inform the doctor that death has taken place.

He/she may write out a Medical Certificate of Death when visiting the house or may request you to collect from the surgery. If cremation is to take place, the doctor should be informed as they may wish to arrange for an independent doctor to visit the house before the deceased is removed.

In a hospital

The Medical Certificate of Death will be made available to you by the hospital. The office dealing with these matters will inform you when this may be collected and indicate when and where you should attend the Registrar’s office.

We will deal with the hospital concerning cremation certificates and also arrange collection of the deceased from the hospital.

In a nursing home

The nursing home will probably seek the family’s permission for the deceased to be taken to our Funeral Home as soon as practicable.

The doctor will be informed by them and the Medical Certificate of Death will either be left at the home or collected at the surgery.

Away from home

If the deceased has not been attended by a doctor, dies suddenly, or was not being treated at hospital, then almost certainly the facts will be reported to the Coroner. The Coroner’s procedure is dealt with on the Coroner’s procedure page of this website. We will be able to advise you on all these matters, but early contact is recommended.

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